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Sunday, June 25, 2006

First meet with LT

In fact LT was attached when we knowing each other in ICQ. She was just started a relationship with her 2nd-ex that time. :) i knew this that time, and so, i never think of that one day in future i would fall in love with her. Besides that, i also told her that i am a disabled person. She claimed that she is a handicapped girl as well, as she got cleft lip (hare lip). Anyway, i wonder thats really a handicap, because i feel her treated cleft lip actually makes her look sexier to me :p

After i got my first job offer from Penang, i started to message her more in MSN to ask her all-about Penang. That time i was looking for place to live, transportation to work, try to settle food problem and many others daily issues. We even plan to live together that time as she was also looking for new place to move. However, as her 2nd-ex was refused to live with stranger, then i decided to find a room for my own only.

After i reached Penang, we kept in touch with sms. I still remember the third day i was in Penang, I sms her to ask where i could buy pirated VCD, LOL. She replied me that "it is illegal" :-/ really made me speechless.....

I came to Penang with my dad and eldest brother that time. They stay with me for a week then they went back to JB. Started from the day I have to manage my life alone. In fact, I am no confident on how well i can manage my life. Anyway, things seem going well. The third week i was in Penang, LT called me up from office. Her voice is quite sweet. After some rubbish chat she decided to visit me in my house.

In fact i didnt remember how she exactly look like in the first meet. I didnt really check her out in detailed. I am kind of shy when deal with girl, especially that was our first meet. The only thing i remember is she is very fair, in long hairs, like to joke and overall she made me feel comfortable with her. We didnt really talk much. She helped me to put my dirty clothes into washing machine and then we browsed through some TV channels. She left after around 30 minutes.

I think this concluded our first meet.

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