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Monday, March 29, 2010

Discussion 讨论 : Buy or Rent 买还是租



Discussion 讨论 : Buy or Rent 买还是租

Well, it is a bit frustrated as many friends of mine feel that selling wedding gowns will not be profitable, as people in Singapore/Malaysia use to rent wedding gown from bridal shop instead of buying one for themselves. They feel that wedding gown is just worthless after wedding, why bother to buy one? I used to have such thinking as well, which rent must be worthier than buying one. However, my thought changed after i get knew that renting one gown from bridal shop is not cheap at all. One ordinary designed wedding gown cost 500 bucks for 3 days rental, a better one need 1 grant at least. Is that called worthy? and the best part is, the gown was worn by many others.

最近朋友知道我开始在卖婚纱之后,不少人直言我的生意会失败。因为新马一代的人习惯了向婚纱店租借婚纱,并且觉得婚纱不值得买,因为毕竟一生只穿两三天,买来干什么呢? 很久以前我其实也有这样的想法,租借两三天肯定比购买婚纱划算。直到后来我才知道婚纱店租借婚纱一点也不像想象的便宜。一套普通的婚纱租借3天500元起跳,好看一点的1千元已经很便宜了。让我不禁觉得,租借真的比较划算吗?更重要的是,这件婚纱是很多很多人穿过的。

If 200-300 bucks can give you a fine quality gown, and 500 bucks can give you 2 gowns, why one will choose to rent from shop? The answer i got from friends is "i have no place to keep it after wedding", that is the reason they spend double of money to rent.

如果200-300 元可以买到一件品质不错的婚纱,500元可以买两套,为什么还要去租借呢?结果我的朋友不少给我的答案是,结婚之后没地方放,所以宁愿多花一倍的钱去租。

To be frank, i would like to know how do you think, as i am puzzle, which one is call 'worthy'.

说实话,我很想知道这是不是多数人的想法? 因为我始终觉得以这个理由花掉自己的血汗钱,更不值得。


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Jobless Girl said...

I prefer buy.

wcheow said...

ya...everyone has their own thought. i feel buy is worth too. anyway, i respect one's decision :)