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Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, for the first time in my life, i was totally out on saturday night :)

It was heavy rain but the gang was still gather at yishili home for the BBQ event. In fact i was not in mood that day and wanted to excuse myself for the event. However, i was still attended it as that was for HF birthday celebration. Everything went well until Kenny passed me a cup of 'cocktail' he called. Whisky + Sake + red wine, all purely mixed together, 38% + 18% + 13% of alcohol level.

It doesnt taste good, but not too bad as well. i drank it over and really, i did not feel much after that, even though it made me a little bit hot. i still could talk well, joked around, flirted girls and sang birthday song. i knew that the 'cocktail' did make me high a little bit, and so i talked a lot much than usual. Even though the rest did feel i was quite 'hyperactive' that night but they didnt think i was drunk as i still very much conscious.

Really, ;) i remember every word i said and action i did. even though i might act a little broader than usual. i like the feeling though. So, now i know that, drunk ppl actually do know what they are doing.

i hang on for 2 hours and i was still actively wandered around. As most ppl left, the remained ppl stayed for second round game. i drank 2 cans of carlsberg again, and i eventually felt i hit my limit (in fact was over limit since 2 hours ago with that 'cocktail'). But as i am still very much conscious, i did not think i was over limit yet. we fooled around for another hour and finally all ppl decided to go home. As the rain was still very heavy and i felt i was 'half drunk', i decided to stay in yishili home for a night. See, i was still able to think logically that time, LOL.

Me and Zonlee were slept in the hall sofa. The terrible part finally started. I felt my head like really melting and my brain wanted to leak out from my ears. But it might found the wrong exit, it came out my my mouth :p i vomitted, anything, which better not to describe in details, :s. Zonlee quickly carried me to toilet and cleaned me up. yishili came down from his room too to check me out.

i vomitted again in toilet. i was totally out, hmm... or maybe not... in fact i could see, hear and remember everything happening, but i could not move. I think only my eyes and ears were functioning that time. Zonlee put me in toilet leaned on basin. i slept in that posture for an hour in there, at the mean time vomit everything remained i had.

After 1 hour he carried me back to hall and dropped me on sofa. i fall into sleep until morning. After i woke up, i fely my head was still in dizzy. i started vomit again. if fact there was nothing in my stomach anymore. i continued vomit like that for 3 hours, until noon. eventually thing got better after i forced myself for some bread, milo and hot water.

Well, it was terrible, but i had a great experience :) it is no fun to be drunk, hehe.

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