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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Childhood

In fact i cant really remember any significant thing during my childhood, as most of the time i was staying in home. I am blurry recall that my mom would always carried me when she went to market to buy cooking ingredients. The uncles and aunties there would give me sweets sometime, and if not mistaken, that was the only way i could get out from my home, so i was always happy when i saw my mom was going out for market. But, however, many times, it was ended up with my shout and cry, because my mom was always refused to buy the toy i want :'(

I was a crying bomb when i was young. That might be due to i was always felt unsecure. If i couldnt see my parents or my brothers for more than an hour then i would start crying, and shouted really loud :( Many times the people at shops out there could hear my cry and would come and see me. Anyway, my mom didnt like that because people would say that she didnt take care me well. So everytime i would scolded by my mom after that. Deserved right?

My brothers not really like to play with me that time, well, their games always involved running. So, it always ended up that i played alone. When my mom pregnant for my younger sister, i was so happy. My dad was asking me i wanted a little sister or a little brother, and i answered immediately a little sister, because girls are not so active, i thought at least she could play with me. Yup, my dream became true, i got a little sister. But too bad, her chinese horoscope is Mouse, so i was always bitten by her when she was angried :'( how poor i was

:) Quite some of my female friends said that i can understand girls quite well, i think thats because of my childhood experience. Why? LOL, thats because i was always played with my sisters and their friends when i was young. We played cooking, acting, barbies ( :/ a bit shame to tell this) and wife-husband game. Hehehe.... now i remembered i ever hold girl's hand, but too bad that was a child's game, i cant really remember what's the feel already :p

Anything else about my childhood? i cant really recall much else already. A lot of time i would sit at my house door and see other kids playing. hmmmm... now i would feel sorry for my situation that time, but dont know why, i clearly remember that during the period, i was very excited everytime, by just watching other kids playing outside my house ... hahaha, kid!

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