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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A difficult call

Just gave LT a call... in fact i struggled around 10 minutes to make the call. She just told me we are not suitable to each other last week, even though i not agree with that, but i have to accept it, i have to respect her feel, no matter its hurt or bitter.

The call is ok. At least we talked in a much better way than i expected. I heard her voice again, which i miss so much everyday. Talk with the love one but have to act as a normal friend, difficult right?

Actually i gave her my blog url. Hmm... you might feel that i am purposely doing that and then use this way to let her know my love to her, all are planned, right? Whether you believe it or not, i dont have such intention. I just feel that since i would post our story here, she as the main character has the right to know it. I will prove that by posting some critics on her weaknesses that i hope she can get rid of them. I would just write my blog assuming she will never have chance to read them.

Anyway, I still very love her. As my junior said, even she rejected me, doesnt mean i cant love her. Keep the love in heart, pray that she will get her happiness.

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