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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Couple found dead after argument

By YENG AI CHUN - The Star Press
PENANG - 21 June: A woman had a terrible shock when she found her nephew hanging from the ceiling fan in his flat while his wife was lying dead in another room.

IN BETTER TIMES: Teoh and his wife were married seven years ago.

Teoh Chee Keong’s body was found yesterday in a bedroom of a rented flat at Pinang Court in Jelutong here. His Thai wife, Jansom Panjai, was found in another bedroom. She had been stabbed five times below her left rib and once from behind. Her throat was also slit.

Teoh, 38, a former businessman, and Jansom, 27, who worked at an entertainment outlet, were married for seven years but did not have any children.
Police said Teoh’s aunt, who was not named, lived two doors away and had heard the couple quarrelling on Monday night.

She went to the flat at 10.30am yesterday and knocked on the couple’s door but there was no response. She looked through the window and saw traces of blood in the living room.
The woman then alerted the flat management who opened the door and notified the police.
George Town OCPD Asst Comm Hamzah Md Jamil believed Teoh killed his wife before killing himself.

The couple moved into their rented flat 10 months ago. A neighbour, who declined to be named, said the couple was always quarrelling.

My comment : Well, emotional control is so important to avoid tregedy. Dont do anything that you may regret. Communication is crucial in a relationship. But how many couples in this world able to do that? People nowaday is so eager and rush to development a relationship, but too bad forget about the foundation of a relationship. Most people is so emphasize the so-called "feel" in a relationship, but the relationship become so fragile after the passion was gone, if they never have a good communication. I believe that with proper communication, feel will come sooner later, everyone need a partner who can understand them, not pleasuring them. There is no couple that "not suitable", there is only couple that "refuse to communicate". Why i say so? because, "communicate" is not merely telling what you want or what you are thinking, but also including accept the partner's feel and tolerate what you can tolerate. Telling your feel without hearing partner's heart, is dictating, not communicating.

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